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June 9, 2008 / douglasac

Four Day Weekend, or Life is Not Sweet

Well, we’ve gone from one extreme to another — last time it was a one-day weekend, and now I’ve had a four-day weekend. I had Friday off, and today is Her Majesty’s Birthday. Hopefully, she got some nice presents.

So, Friday I went down town, hit the Public Library for the internet, and my mate turned up. So I had a good day there. We insulted each other via BabelFish. It was muchly fun.

Then I wandered around town for a while, and caught a bus home, then wanted naptime. But that had to wait until the evening, because I can only sleep during the day when a) I’m sicker than I normally get (which isn’t hard: I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I get sick bad!) and b) It’s around 4-5pm and c) I’ve no energy.

Don’t critisize my over-zealous and-ing. Just, don’t.

On Saturday and Sunday, it was your standard mope around at home, watch TV, etc., etc.

Today, it was “Woohoo! I’ve got the house to myself for a bit this morning!” This entailed watching all my favourite TV programs that I’d recorded, having a late breakfast of Vegemite on Well-Buttered toast, and, most importantly, sitting down on the computer, music on full-bore with no headphones. Life is sweet. Then everyone came home, so I had to help bring in the groceries, and resume my computering, still in my pyjamas, but with headphones on.

Life is not sweet anymore.

On the upside, it’s about ten past eleven, and I am still, yes, still, in my pyjamas.

At least I’ve got my pants on right-side-out today.


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  1. Grace Adler / Dec 30 2008 2:25 AM

    I applaud you for such an accomplishment, really.

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