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June 28, 2008 / douglasac

Random Library Funniness

Well, I had Work Experience at the public library this week. It was good fun: the people were nice, the work challenging, and it was just good fun. Alas, it had come to an end, but I did find some funny things. For instance, you know these little stickers along the sides of books with the call number? Well, I have a photo on my phone of one that, well, is a smidgen inappropriate, but funny nonetheless.

And another thing: I noticed that, especially in the large print Romance section, there are a lot of those call number things with the word BRA on them. Suspiscious, eh?

During the times I was on the front counter, I got bored, and punched my friends into Spydus (the program they use to track people and the books and things they borrow). Some of them are incredibly naughty. For instance, my sister has a charges over AU$100 on her card. One of my mates, not so naughty: ten overdue items. Then there’s another mate of mine, the perfect angel: nothing on loan, nothing overdue. Although he had one trap, which is where they send a threatening letter to you demanding payment (I’ve had three).

It was a great week, and I’ll upload that, well, not so appropriate call number photo, which is rather amusing, up soon.

And here’s that picture!
A - CUM - J

The inappropriate Call Number: A - CUM - J



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  1. Carino / Jun 29 2008 2:49 AM

    Sounds like you had fun.
    Thanks for saving me from my extreme boredom! XD
    I eagerly await the pic of that call number.

  2. Carino / Jul 6 2008 10:13 PM

    It’s me again.
    Love the picture. 😀
    Thanks for the comic relief…I’m being forced to work all afternoon.
    This made me feel better.

  3. James Freemantle / Oct 20 2008 6:41 AM

    Would i happen to be the naughty one with 10 overdue?

  4. Grace Adler / Dec 30 2008 2:23 AM

    Wow, Dougie. A little perverted, aren’t we? I see you find odd ways to amuse yourself in the library. Good for you.

    Keep on being out little working boy with a life and such.

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