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October 17, 2008 / douglasac

If I had US$1,000,000 (that’s one million US Dollars!)

A person on a forum I frequent commented that,w ith teh current recession in the market, what would you do with US$1 million? So, this is what I said.

US$1million = $1,455,815.98 at time of posting this originally.

  • Pay off the mortage on the house… Let’s say… $250000?) – $1,205,815.98 left
  • Buy myself a $17,932.99 Apple Mac Pro – $1,187,882.99 left
  • Buy myself a $5,405.98 Apple MacBook Pro – $1,182,477.01 left
  • Put about ten $100 notes in the World hunger week box at work (i.e. $1000) – $1,181,477.01 left
  • Donate $100,000.01 to Guide Doggies SA – $1,081,477.00 left
  • Donate $100,000 to RSPCA SA – $981,477 left
  • Buy 2 new Full length Volvo or Merc buses for the local bus service (let’s say at $200,000 apiece): $581,477 left
  • Put about $75,000 away in a bank account to gain interest for University (even if I can get in on a CSP (Commonwealth supported place), where I pay anywhere between about $0 and $7500 a year for Uni, that’s stull enough to see me through, especially with interest): $506,477 left.
  • Hire myself a maid to clean my room for three years, at, oooh, $250 a month? (So, (250*12)*3? $9000ish?) – $497,477 left
  • Buy myself a fancy arse Holden Statesman for roughly $78000, and one for the mother, too (so, $156000 all up): $341,477 left
  • Put $50,000 away for my niece to go to Uni: $341,477 left
  • Put $150,000 away for any kiddywinks I may have to go to uni: $341,477
  • Go see Phantom in Perth with a friend and my Sister next year ($7500ish to fly up to Adelaide, then to Perth in the best seats, stay in a fancy hotel and get the best seats): $133,977 left
  • Put the rest away for a rainy day (I ran out of ideas): $0 left (at last!)

So, what would you do? Do tell me by commenting. Click here if you want USD in Australian dollars, or here if you want it GBP.


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  1. SB / Jun 1 2009 5:26 AM

    What?! No weapons of mass destruction?! I’m ashamed of you, Doug.

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