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December 16, 2008 / douglasac

Things that annoy me at work

I work at KFC. Deal with it. Anyway, here are some of the things that really annoy me:

  1. “I’ll have a medium <insert name of thing here> please.”
    We’re KFC. We have regular and large. There is NO medium. Study our drinks fridge for an example: we’ve got cans, and bottles. That’s it. Nothing more. So, how the hell do you expect us to get a medium out of those two sizes? Yes, some meals might come with a little baggy of chips, but that holds the same amount as a little box.
  2. Customers who order something huge and change their mind about it.
    Our registers are clever. They track how many times we push the Delete Last Item button, and the value of those items. It then tells us this, as a percentage, at the end of the shift, in full sight of the manager. If it’s too high, it either means you’re incompetent (which is what the managers are most likely to believe), or that you had very picky customers (not so likely to be believed). So, make up your mind before you go to the counter and tell me what you want, or I will kill you.
  3. Asian people with thick accents and\or who think they know the menu better than we do.
    Now, I’m not racist, just so you know. But it really annoys me when an Asian person comes up with a thick accent, and I have to try an decipher what they say. They also annoy me when they think that we’ve rung it up at the wrong price (The Computer Never Lies), or rung up the entire thing wrong.
  4. People who think sauces are free.
    They’re not. They’re 30c each. If you order a meal with a sauce in it, and come back and ask for one, you get one sauce. If you don’t and come back for one, I’ll give it to you anyway, and think, “God, people are fuckwits”. Sometimes I’ll charge you. If you want more than one, either way, I’m charging you. If you order it with your meal, then I’m going to charge you. I don’t want to be killed by a mob of angry managers.
  5. People who go through the drive through and come in and accuse us of not doing  our jobs right.
    Yes, because I packed your order at the drive thru while contending with about forty million other people in here who are wanting to be served. If you accuse me of not doing my job right, and I packed your meal, then, fine. But if you came through the drive thru and I’m inside on the front counter, and you accuse me of this, expect me not to be impressed with you
  6. People who go through the drive through and talk really quietly at the first window.
    For those of you who are not scientifically minded, here’s a fun fact for you! You can talk quietly in a small room and people will hear you because the sound bounces off the walls! I know, it’s a revelation. You can’t do this at a drive through window because the only walls are the ones inside your car, which have been breached because the window is open, and in my little alcove, again, which has been breached because the window is open. (in fact, one customer got very angryw ith me and said he wasn’t coming back because I had to keep asking him the same questions over and over again because he was talking so quietly. The good thing was, I acted all professional and he went all off his head, so he can complain about my service as much as he wants, I’m in the clear).
  7. People who ask for things that don’t exist.
    We have promos. Last one was the All star box (much cheering and applause was heard at all KFC stores that had them when they finished). Ask yourself this before you order: Can you see it on the menu board? No? Then don’t order it. It really annoys me when I have to say to customers, no, that promo finished so long ago.

See? I’ve ranted. I could go on… but I’ve got other things to do.


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  1. Grace Adler / Dec 30 2008 2:26 AM

    Hmmmm, and to think I thought it was funny walking into Burger King and asking for a Big Mac.


    Love ya really.

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