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May 31, 2009 / douglasac

Touchscreens! Part 2

You forgot some things on your last post…

I did. Thanks for reminding me. The images were sourced from They’re a good site with various touchscreens and good prices.

Now… Where were we?

The HP Touchsmart?

Yes. That one.

Well, the HP Touchsmart is an all in one computer (meaning no box, just a screen with everything in it) with a giant twenty-something inch touchscreen.

So… I can buy this one?


Okay. You’re very quiet on the subject, though.

Yes. I don’t like HP. They’re systems are dodgy at best, and the horror stories about HP support… you don’t want to know.

So… avoid?


Any others?

There’s the Dell XPS One.

Your thoughts?

It’s a Dell. It’ll work.

How much?

From $1999.

You’re joking.

No, I’m not. It even says on the Dell website (That’s an Australian website, too). The right hand one is the only with the touchscreen included in the base price (I was fooled, too, thinking that they all came with it)

Okay. Tell me more.

That’s what it looks like. By default, it comes with a pink trim (eurgh!), but if pink is not your thing, it can be changed to the illustrated blue, a smart looking charcoal grey, a Tuscan red that almost matches my hair, or choose a fully white system. I liked the red, so for my sample build, I chose that.

I reasoned that a Core 2 Duo E7500 was processor enough for Vista (let alone Windows 7), so it would suffice for now.

You’ve got no choice in OS at present (Vista Premium only), so that’s all good.

Office will come in useful for the kids (if you have them), but I’d recommend going out and buying it at a local retailer: contrary to what Dell say, it isn’t cheaper to buy Office preinstalled on a new computer. If you walk into almost any computer store, or Dick Smith or Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) store, Office 2007 Professional Academic sells for about $200-$300. That’s anywhere from $180-$280 cheaper. And you get a pretty box. But you have to install it yourself, but it’s foolproof. You would think the academic implies student only, but provided you don’t use it in a business, you’re good.

Extended warranty is a must for any computer. Don’t skimp on it. That $150 extra you spend on the warranty also includes some form of insurance for it, I believe.

As with Windows, there’s no choice with RAM: 4GB only. However, being Windows Vista 64bit, it can handle a lot of memory. I can’t remember how much, but it’s quite a large number

You can add a bigger hard drive, right up to 750GB, so I added a 750GB in lieu of the 500GB hard drive.

It comes with an optional Blu-Ray reader\DVD burner and reader\CD burner and reader. However, I don’t think that Blu-Ray is quite mature yet, so I’ll stick with good ol’ DVD.

I left the graphics as is, as I didn’t know what the difference between the two offered models were (an nVidia GeForce 9200 and an nVidia GeForce 9400)

Don’t buy Dell’s printers. They charge an arm and a leg for the cartridges. Buy yourself a good Epson or Brother when you go down to a computer store to buy Office.

Again, no choice for keyboard and mouse, its Dell’s provided wireless keyboard and mouse or Dell’s provided wireless keyboard and mouse, or perhaps even Dell’s provided wireless keyboard and mouse. Your choice, really.

I’d recommend upgrading the wireless card to the b/g/n model. That $20 may save you a lot of headaches in the future.

If you’re a computer novice, welcome to my blog and how did you find it? Also, you’ll want a Gizmo service to come and help you with Mr. Computer. I opted to not have one, as I am quite proficient with a computer.

Online Backup has its pros and cons. I am a fan of physical backup media, like an external hard drive, so I just kept the default 2GB of which I am unlikely to ever use.

Eurgh! McAfee! I’ll take Trend Micro, thanks. If we lived in the US, this would be an option. It isn’t so add this to your shopping list with Office 2007 and printer, and make a note to remove McAfee the moment you get the computer.

Living in a regional area, I don’t get after hours delivery, so default delivery it was.

Mmmm… Nice system! How much?


That’s not bad.

Well, a 19″ LCD touchscreen alone is $1119 without GST from the aforementioned Touchscreen Solutions (which means $1230 with GST), and if we were to assume that the touchscreen in this system costed the same amount, then the actual computer component costed a measly $1105.50. Which, for this system, isn’t bad, it’s bloody brilliant.

Now I want one!

Go buy one. But not now.

I’ve got the credit card ready, let me at it!

No. Seriously. Windows 7, the next version of Windows, is due out before Christmas. Windows 7 includes (you guessed it) better Multi-touch support.

So… I could get someone to buy me one for Christmas?

If you wanted. Failing that, wait a month and a half. Microsoft are doing their Upgrade Voucher offer again, meaning that you buy the computer, keep the voucher, and when the next version of Windows is released, you win a free (or cheap(er)) upgrade to Windows 7!


Indeed. Although I would wait for Windows 7 to actually come out, and buy it with Windows 7 Professional, as Professional has features I would use that Home Premium does not.

I’ll take your word for it.

Yes. On the note of multi-touch and Windows 7… Linkage.

Now what’s next?

A Brief History of Windows.


Not really. There are pretty pictures…


Glad I’ve got your attention. See you next time, then.



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  1. C130 / Dec 30 2009 1:54 PM

    Oi! Ranga!
    Dell have a touch screen moniter available, which I have, and its only $500, not the $1230 from your random website.
    Do a bit if shopping next time, aye…
    Your in Good faith,
    Your favourite ATDB member 🙂

  2. douglasac / Feb 21 2010 12:02 PM

    At the time of publication, the Dell monitor in question did not exist. And believe me, I did do some shopping: nobody in this country sells touchscreens of a known brand (i.e. with 3M or ELO technologies behind them).


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