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December 16, 2009 / douglasac

Microsoft wants to “add delight” to the launch experience

I’ve been following the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering blog for a while. For the most part, it’s very interesting and generally intellectually stimulating (lately it’s been about how they’ve designed the user interface, this article is quite interesting), but I just don’t get this…

The new Microsoft Office brand gesture and updated orange color palette is showcased in the animated splash screen. The animation adds energy, expressiveness, and an element of delight to the product launch experience.

Umm… I think Microsoft’s intentions are sincere, but why should I be delighted by a splash screen? I should be delighted by the actual program, silly people!

Anyways, if you’ve not looked at Office 2010 yet, it’s a more sedate design than that of 2007. The icons have also had a makeover, for the worse, I think. Have a look here, and wonder about the quote while you’re at it (it’s almost at the end of the article).


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