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February 21, 2010 / douglasac

iPhone vs. Milestone – An Objective Analysis

Because I know how much you hate my ranting, here’s an objective analysis of the iPhone and the newest competitor on the block, the Motorola Milestone (also known as the Motorola Droid), based on things that I look for in a phone, and by extension, what you should be looking for too, in the form of an idiotproof checklist.

Of course, this needn’t apply if you’re an idiot or an Apple fanboi. Then that’s okay. You can go and suck your iPhone or go bow down to Steve Jobs or do whatever it is you people do.

Motorola Milestone

(Motorola Droid)


iPhone 3GS

Sort of


You can do almost anything with this. Google and Motorola don’t care, although you can’t flash your own firmware onto the Milestone: it must be signed by Motorola. You can onto the Droid, though.

Open Operating System

You do what Apple says you can do. Which is, basically, fuck all.

As per above.

There Will Always Be An App For That

If it conflicts with Apple’s interests, then no, there will *not* be an app for that.

Provided the non-NextG version is purchased.

Incompatible on Australian networks)

Optus\Vodafone Dual Band Compatible (900MHz\2100MHz)

(Telstra NextG and Optus\Vodafone 2100MHz only)



8GB MicroSD card provided

16GB MicroSD card provided)

Expandable Memory

3.5mm headphone jack

Full hardware keyboard

However, it will be shipped in a future update, due in coming months.

Support for Adobe Flash 10.1

To be shipped on the 12th… of never.

$699 for non NextG version

Acceptable Price

$879.00 for base model

Motorola say you should use Motorola Media Link, but it doesn’t work with Windows 7, so the consensus is to use DoubleTwist. Or you can copy and paste manually, which rarely, if ever, fails.

Does not rely on craptastic software

iTunes. Need we say more?


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