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February 25, 2010 / douglasac

Shows That Should Be Taken Off Television Immediately

If there’s one thing I hate, its bad television. Numerous times I’ve seen television shows so bad that they deserve to be placed in cement vault and left there For the Remainder of Time. Here are some of the notable shows and reasons why:

  • The View: “Ugh” is a polite way of describing this show. It is also a very succinct way to describe it. A full way to describe it would be that it’s a group of woman sitting around bitching about everything they can think of. And they’re all idiots. And then there’s the occasion segment on something or another that nobody cares about. How this show manages to survive is beyond me. It is an absolutely inane waste of airtime.
  • Nine News: Reported a story once I read about in the Advertiser two weeks prior to their broad cast. Need we say more?
  • Rachel Ray: I’ve never actually sat down and watched this show. I’ve seen a clip for it on The Soup. Think of it as a talk show that mated with a cooking show. Yep, it’s bad. The audience cheer and shout and so on when the host whose name is also the title of the show does something as simple as stirring. *sarcastic applause* Such a worthy contributor to television today.
  • Any show that reports celebrity “news”: News in the loosest sense of the word, these shows are nothing but vile tripe that serve to promote the idiots we call celebrities and the stupid things they do. Hate, hate, vomit.
  • Girls of the Playboy Mansion: A show I never, ever, want to see: even the title makes me want to gouge my eyes out in agony.
  • The Hills: From what I can gather, a bunch of girls sitting around discussing things inanely in front of cafes. If it’s scripted, fire the writers, it is such a poor excuse for writing I could do better. If it isn’t scripted, the girls call out for summary execution for their sake and ours. Excuse me while I vomit.
  • Dr. 90210: Wrong. Just, wrong. I do not care about breast enlargements on women, or whatever. I fail to understand what people find wrong with the bodies they are issued. Of course, there are needs for plastic surgery, such as burn victims, but this is ridiculous. Dr. 90210 can go die in a hole.
  • Family Guy, American Dad, etc.: Unfunny crappy TV shows with disgusting jokes? Oh, what an excellent idea! Oh, while you’re at it, could you please kill me, say, right about now? Thanks!
  • A Current Affair and Today Tonight: Ugh. The producers of these shows should be ashamed of themselves. These. Are. Utter. Bile. I do not care about credit cards, I am intelligent enough to figure out the only good ones are ones with the words “MasterCard Debit” on them, which is all of four in Australia. The poor people who can’t afford to pay their rent need to cough up some money; they signed a tenancy agreement and should either have negotiated an extension or not rented such a swanky building. Possibly the only notable thing that A Current Affair has ever done is the interview with Corey Worth(less)ington, which made me LOL.
  • E True Hollywood Stories: If I want a biography of an actor, I shall keep an eye on the Biography channel or find one on the internet as opposed to this regurgitated crap that classifies as television.
  • The Young and The Restless: Oh, just hurry up and kill everyone off in a freak nuclear explosion or whatever. In the meantime, you can find me elsewhere.
  • Australian\American Idol: How many people who’ve won these shows gone on to super-mega-stardom? Oh, that’s right, none! So why bother with it year in, year out? Because there are idiots with IQ’s less than zero who seem to enjoy it. This, logically, brings us to…
  • So You Think You Can Dance: As per above. Except with dancing. ZOMG! Not!

If you disagree with any of these, expect a summary beating. If you have any more that you want to add, comment. And if I don’t like what you think, expect to be flamed from here to eternity.


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  1. wolverine / Mar 15 2010 5:03 PM

    I”m gunna add Canada’s Worst Driver to the list… And just about all reality TV… And Canadian Idol.
    I think that Carrie Underwood is the only One off of American Idol that has made it anywhere… And her voice suck as do her songs…
    What’s the Tyra Banks modeling show?? That needs to be banned as well. Bunch of catty bitches cooped up together… I’m surprised that no one has been killed on that show yet in a catfight…

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