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May 30, 2010 / douglasac

How to Tell What Kind of Technology a Touchscreen Is With a Simple Touch and a Pen

This may prove useful to you in a bizarre set of circumstances, but to determine if a touchscreen is resistive, capacitive or infrared:

  1. Go to touch the screen, but hold your finger a couple of millimetres away from the screen surface.
    Has a touch been registered? Excellent! It’s infrared and you can stop here.
  2. Touch the screen gently. Does it feel solid, or like you are touching a piece of thin plastic over something?
    If it’s solid, it’s most likely capacitive. If it feels like it’s a piece of thin plastic over something, it is resistive.
  3. Still don’t know?
    Touch it with the bottom of a plastic pen. Is a touch registered? Then it is most likely a resistive screen.

Simple, no? If you look back at my Touchscreens! posts from earlier on (part one more so and part two to a lesser extent) you can see why and how these methods work. Enjoy!


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