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January 9, 2011 / douglasac

iPhone vs. Desire vs. Mozart – A Revisit To A Previous Post With A Slight Detour

Last year, I wrote a post that compared the then desired phone of mine, the Motorola Milestone, to the iPhone 3GS. Between now and then, I’ve fallen out of love with the Milestone, fallen in love with and gotten a HTC Desire, Apple have released a new iPhone, then Microsoft came along and said “Ohai, here’s Windows Phone 7, have fun!” and as a crazy random happenstance, we’ve got a Mozart in the house.

Also since then, some criterion of mine have changed, so they’ve been reflected below.


HTC Desire (Android 2.2)

iPhone 4

HTC Mozart (Windows Phone 7)

Open Operating System 

Sort Of

You can do almost anything with this. Google and HTC don’t really care, however if you root it (which sounds absolutely smutty but is basically installing a different build of the OS on it that HTC haven’t formally approved), you will probably void your warranty.


You do what Apple says you can do. Which is, basically, fuck all unless you jailbreak it, at which point you will probably void your warranty.


I was tempted to say sort of but that would be a lie. Having said that, the ability to remove preinstalled carrier and manufacturer crapware is a significant bonus. Good thinking, Microsoft.

There Will Always Be An App For That


Having said that, Google have only ever removed malicious applications from the Market or ones that are obviously illegal.


If it conflicts with Apple’s interests, then no, there will *not* be an app for that. 


If it conflicts with Microsoft’s interests, then no, there will *not* be an app for that. However, Microsoft are allegedly more helpful than Apple in Marketplace rejections: they allegedly explain what went wrong and what you can do to fix it.

Intuitive, Visually Pleasing Interface


HTC Sense is widely agreed to be the best Android skin out of the lot, even though it is the heaviest (Take notes, other manufacturers… I’m looking at you, Samsung and Motorola).


Out of the box, you get a grid of icons. Wow-ee. How thrilling. How… 2007.


If you want something more visually appealing, be prepared to sacrifice your warranty for it.


Microsoft, the Interface of Windows Phone 7 is brilliant. Words cannot begin to describe how brilliant it is, how fluid it is, and how nice it is, however with anything, there is room for improvement. Folders would be a nice start. Keep it up.



Once tamed, it goes from good to brilliant. Advanced Task Killer helps a lot. Basically, anything can run in the background, however this is also a curse as well as a blessing.

Sort Of

I’m only vaguely familiar with how it works, but from what I’m aware, applications are suspended and allowed to have a select few services running.


Expected in some form by the end of 2011.

Decent Notifications System


Whenever you get a notification, you hear a tone if the phone is not on silent, a message appears in the notification bar at the top of the screen, and then the notifications appear again. An icon may be added. The only exception to this rule is Battery notifications, which are full screen as they are slightly urgent. The messages icon can also sprout a number of how many messages you have.


Modal notifications (for those who aren’t familiar with the term modal notifications or modal window, it means a window\message\whatever that cannot be minimized or sent behind the window that generated it until it is acknolwedged with an appropriate button. They should be made illegal), icons sprout numbers for certain things (i.e. a 3 on messages means three new messages)


It’s an interesting combo of toast and numbers on tiles (toast is a term for a notifcation that slides up, then slides out. Windows Live Messenger uses them). It works because you can ignore them, however notifications don’t really persist.

Informative Lock Screen


Jabbing the unlock button shows the notification bar, my currently playing music with associated controls and album art (if there’s any playing), the time and date, my carrier, and directions on how to unlock. If I have a new message, the first bit of it is displayed in lieu of unlocking instructions.


Jabbing the unlokc button displays the date, time, a received message, and an unlock slider. Music controls can be obtained by pushing the home button twice. Not overly useful, really. Again, if you’re willing to sacrifice your warranty, you can make it more useful, but why isn’t it like this out of the box?


Jabbing the lock button shows the notification bar, the current date and time in nice large print, the number of missed calls, new emails, text messages, etc., as well as your next calendar appointment. Music controls with the option to turn the ringer on or off appear initally and disappear after a couple of seconds if there’s music playing, however these can be reobtained by jabbing one of the volume buttons, or if there’s no music playing, they can also be obtained by jabbing the volume buttons. Well done, Microsoft.

Nice Keyboard


The default one is nice (although why it knows RedTube and iPhone out of the box instead of important words like crap and fuck are beyond me), there are two alternatives available (Compact QWERTY and phone keypad style) for portrait use. Other keyboards, such as Swype (which is even better than the default one) are available as well.

Sort Of

It’s fine, although it does bring up some silly suggestions for autocorrect (because we all use the word HIV on a daily basis, as opposed to that rarely used word give, right?)


I like it. It makes a subtle sound as you hit keys, and the predictive text keeps out of the way.

Expandable Memory 

A platry 2GB MicroSD card provided, however it can take any MicroSD cards up to 32GB


Snowball’s chance of it ever happening, either..


Not on the Mozart, however some WP7 devices may have a MicroSD card slot that you can slip a MicroSD card of your choosing into, however it’s very picky about which cards you use, you can’t swap them over, and the Mozart doesn’t have this, so at best on the devices that do have it, it’s a sort of.

Uses decent software


HTC Sync is the suggestion, which is fine, however you only need that to sync contacts and calendar stuff (which should be syncing to your Google account anyways). You can sync music via DoubleTwist, or you can copy and paste and you should be able to do it with Media Player too (I haven’t tried because I’ve not used Media Player for about a year, woo Zune, VLC and PowerDVD)


iTunes. Even Mac users complain about it, that’s how bad it is.


Zune is the only way to go. However, unlike iTunes, Zune is a bitchin’ piece of software that I madly love to pieces.

Support for Adobe Flash 10.1


Provided you’re using FroYo, it’s included in the update or available for download from the Market.


To be shipped on the 12th… of never.


It may be coming, Microsoft haven’t made a definite “No Flash” statement yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Silverlight were selected instead.

Acceptable Price 

Sort Of.

$49 + $12\month or $79\month on Telstra for 24 months.


16GB: $79\month on Telstra for 24 months

32GB: $99\month on Telstra for 24 months.


Other carriers are cheaper, but have shittier networks.


$49\month on Telstra for 24 months. Telstra Exclusive.



If we were to score this, each row would be worth 1 point, any number of ticks in a box is worth one point, a cross is worth no points, and a sort of is worth half a point, the results would be as follows…

  • HTC Desire: 10/11
  • iPhone 4: 1/11
  • HTC Mozart: 6/11


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  1. John Doh / Feb 24 2011 8:02 PM

    Nice comparison, but I can tell that you clearly have something against the iPhone. Putting that into your comparison when you haven’t even owned one is also a little ignorant, I think. I’m still hanging out for the next one.

    • douglasac / Feb 24 2011 8:42 PM

      You’re right, I do have something against the iPhone, it’s that Apple profess to invent all these new features, or act as if though they’re irrelevant and not needed, and when the iPhone gets them, it’s like “OMGWTFBBQ WE NOW HAVE COPY AND PASTE\MULTITASKING\A HIGHER RESOLUTION CAMERA\VIDEO CALLING LOOK AT US AREN’T WE SO CLEVER LOOK WHAT WE INVENTED!”

      I have had the misfortune of using one, though, as well as an iPod Touch, which is the same thing sans IPS display and mobile network antennae.

      On that note, have you ever owned, let alone used, a HTC Desire or Mozart?

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